The benefits of using iron kettles

Cast iron teapot are very durable and can last for generation. In addition, it is made of special iron which have a good thermal insulation ability. And regularly use the iron teapot, it can add a certain amount of iron element which is benefit for the body.(Article About Health Benefits Of Cast Iron Teapot

Here are some tips for the using and maintenance of iron teapot, just in case you are the first time buying or using the cast iron teapot.

1. Please put the tea leaves and water into the iron kettle and then boiling it for about 10 minutes when first use of iron teapot. So the tannin contained in the tea and iron dissolved from the teapot will passivate a tannin iron epithelium in the surface of teapot, which can prevent the rust. Pour out the boiled water, repeat 2-3 times, until the water become transparent and clear.

2. It is recommended to use the new buying teapot every day when you are going to start to use it, so that incrustation can be quickly stuck.

3. Under the condition of high temperature of the teapot body, it is not allowed to add too much cold water at once so as to reduce the damage to the teapot.

Most important

4. After each or daily use, Take the teapot on a stove to make it fully evaporate the water inside the kettle after each or daily use, and then dry it with a soft cloth, and do not let water stay in the teapot overnight.

5. Put the used newspaper or charcoal into the teapot to keep dry if you don't use the teapot for a long time.

We did not start cleaning until the teapot had cooled completely after each time we use. Then gently clean the teapot, tea lid, teapot infuser. Then wipe the outside of teapot dry with a clean and dry close. When the insert of teapot, tea lid and tea strainer completely dry naturally, then put them together.


Q: How should we do if the teapot rusty?

A: Due to rust is completely non-toxic, we can still safely use it if it is rusty. A lot of research shows that many tea lovers in Japan and Europe like the taste of tea with rushed.

Q: How to properly remove the rust of teapot?

A: We can brush the rusty area with a soft brush, then fill the teapot with tea and hot water. Wait 30 minutes, then draining and rinsing the teapot. In addition, tea contains a substance than reacts with rust and helps to prevent the iron from rusting again.

Please Note: Do not use soapy water or detergent, besides, teapot should avoid contact with salt and oil, they all will have some damage to the teapot. Due to the teapot is made of iron, we recommend putting a teapot pad to protect the table when we use. In addition, It does not apply to stoves or heat directly. Stainless steel kettles are more suitable for stove use.

If you have any problem or question about the teapot, please feel free to contact us, we are always here to help. Have a good day!

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