Due to the very different oolong tea processing method and degree of oxidation, many oolong tea steeping times and brewing temperature will be different. Here are some brewing skills for oolong tea:

Use pure, cold, fresh filtered water, and spring water is the best.

Because there are variety of oolong tea, the steeping time and temperature is also different. In general, the water temperature of oolong tea is between 80 and 100 degrees for 1-2minutes.

Most oolong tea is designed as a cord shape or a tight ball shape. Each brewing unfurls the twist or curly tea leaves, and the color of tea will change over time, the aroma is more and more rich. High-quality oolong tea can generally brew 5 to 6 times.

If the brew time is too long, the tea will become bitter. Many oolong tea filter in a short time to taste the best flavor. After tasting your tea, then decide whether lengthen or shorten the brewing time. If the tea taste watery for you, then extend the brewing time or use more tea leaves. If you think the tea taste bitter, you can use a small amount of tea in the next cup or a shorter steeping time.

If the oolong tea that you buy has a special brewing advice, follow its recommend. However, it is much appropriate to place around 2g of loose leaf tea per 10 oz cup or teapot.

Cover the teacup or teapot lid when brewing tea, which can maintain the water temperature. Oolong tea production process is more complex than black tea or green tea, and the flavor is unique. Brewing a cup of flavor oolong tea, enjoy the happiness of tea.