Brewing black tea is very easy, and there is no a right way to make tea, the most important thing is that you can brew tea according to your own preference. If this is your first time to make loose leaf black tea, simply follow the instructions below to ensure your favorite taste.

Water: Brew tea start with good water - spring water or simple filtered water. Do not directly pour the boiled water to the black tea leaves. If the water temperature is too high, it will destroy the healthy ingredients of black tea and it also can reduce the taste of tea.

Best Teapot: In general, the best teapots are glass teapots or ceramic teapots.

Tea Leaves: For a teapot or a cup of tea (3-5g Loose leaf Black Tea). The amount of tea is less, the taste will be lighter; the tea leaves is more, the taste will be thicker, even become bitter. You can adjust the amount of tea according to your taste preferences.

Brewing Time: The brewing time of black tea generally is 1-2 minutes, then it can release its aroma and taste out. If brewing tea time is too long, black tea will become a bit bitter, some people like this taste.

Brew Tea Times: Most of our black tea can brew two or three times. You just add hot water to the teapot and increase the brew tea time with each infusion.