Black tea is also known as red tea, it is originated in China and was introduced to India and Sri Lanka by merchants in the 19th century. Black tea is different from green tea, oolong tea and white tea. It is a whole fermented tea, so black tea is rich in healthy substances. Because of its sweet taste, unique flavor and healthy character, black tea is loved by many people. At present, black tea accounts for more than 80% of all tea sales in the world and is one of the most popular drinks.

Ⅰ The Growth Environment And Distribution Of Black Tea

1> Black Tea Growth Environment

The growth environment of black tea tree needs to meet the following conditions:

① Geographical location in tropical or subtropical

② The temperature is adequate and there is enough precipitation

③ The soil is fertile and weakly acidic

Supplement: In the season of tea picking, the temperature difference between day and night when the tea leaves are dry can promote the formation of high-quality tea with rich aroma.

2> Black Tea Production Area

There are many varieties of black tea in the world, and the production area is also very wide. The main producing areas of black tea are in China, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, and Kenya. In addition, many other countries also produce tea. Among them, China has the largest black tea planting base and the largest producers, such as the famous Jin Jun Mei, Lapsang Souchong Tea, Keemun black tea, Yunnan Dianhong, etc. that are all produced in China. and the art of Gongfu Black tea is also came from China.

Ⅱ The Type Of Black Tea

According to the processing method and shape of black tea, it can be generally divided into: xiaozhong black tea, gongfu black tea, broken black tea and black tea pearl; according to the packaging, it can be divided into loose leaf black tea and tea bags.

1> The world's four famous black teas

Keemun Black Tea - China

Keemun Black Tea is a famous and traditional Chinese Kung Fu tea, and is also a treasure in tea. About Keemun Black Tea, which was produced in the late 19th century and is one of the top three top teas in the world. It has many reputations such as “Black Tea King” and “Royal Tea”. Keemun Tea is mainly produced in Keemun County, Anhui Province, China, this is a good place that has fertile soil, suitable climate, abundant sunshine and rainfall, which is very suitable for the growth of tea trees. At present, Keemun Black Tea is mainly exported to dozens of countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Russia, etc., and it has been China's national tea for many years.

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Darjeeling Black Tea - India

Darjeeling black tea is produced in the Darjeeling Plateau in northern West Bengal, India. It is one of the world's four famous black teas. Among all Darjeeling black teas, the quality of the tea produced in May-June is the best, and it is known as “Champagne in black tea”. Darjeeling black tea has a very noble identity in the world. It has a fragrant and elegant taste with a soft and delicate aroma that is suitable for drinking in spring and autumn. It is also suitable for making milk tea, iced tea and various fancy teas. Its production process was improved based on the production method of the Chinese Lapsang Souchong Black Tea.

Ceylon Black Tea - Sri Lanka

Ceylon Highland Black Tea is the most famous of Uba Tea. It is produced on the east side of the mountainous region of Sri Lanka and is one of the four famous black teas in the world. The eastern part of the mountainous region of Sri Lanka is filled with clouds all the year round. Due to the abundant rainfall in winter, it is not conducive to the production of tea. Therefore, the quality of tea produced in July and September is the best. while the rainfall of the west side of mountain is abundant in summer, so the quality of the tea that produced in January to March is the best.

Assam Black Tea - India

Assam black tea is produced in Mount Assam in eastern India. The abundant sunshine and rainfall provide a good condition for the growth of tea trees. Among all the teas produced, the quality of the tea picked in June-July is the best, however the tea produced in October-November has the strongest aroma. Assam black tea has a flat and dark brown shape; and the tea water color is reddish-brown and has a thick taste with elegant and soft aroma.

2> Chinese Famous Black Tea

China is the most famous tea producing area in the world and it is one of the major exporters of tea. Chinese tea is diverse and has a high quality, so it is loved by many people. Here are some Chinese famous black tea:

Jin Jun Mei Black Tea

Jinjunmei Black Tea is also named Golden Eyebrow Tea, it is Chinese top premium tea and is loved by black tea lovers all over the world. It is produced in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province, which is one of the most famous tea producing areas in China, and the tea produced here has a very high quality. Due to the high requirements for picking and production of Jinjunmei, its annual output is very low. The shape of Jin Jun Mei dry tea is small and compact, the color of the tea liquid is golden yellow, it has a sweet and smooth taste with elegant and long-lasting aroma, which is an ideal for afternoon tea or entertained friends at parties, it is also great for drinking at home or in the office.

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Lapsang Souchong Tea

Lapsang Souchong has a unique smoky flavor, which is loved by many people. It is produced in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, China, which is the same as Jin Jun Mei. Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong Tea is the earliest black tea in the world and it is called the originator of black tea by many people and has a history of more than 400 years. It was made by the Fujian tea farmers unintentionally, and late developed into Gongfu black tea on the basis of the Lapsang Souchong. In history, the Lapsang Souchong black tea is mainly based on the Wuyishan Xingcun as a tea producing area, so it is also called the Xingcun tea. The tea is baked by pine wood to make it has a unique smoky flavor. Its tea color is dark amber and has a mellow-smooth taste with strong aroma, and many people enjoy its unique smoky taste very much.

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Keemun Black Tea

Keemun Tea is also known as the Keemun Gongfu Black Tea. It is produced in Qimen County, Anhui Province and has been in existence for more than 100 years. It is a famous traditional Chinese black tea and has a rich aroma and mellow taste. It is famous for its taste. It is also known as “Qimen Flavored Tea”. About Keemun Black Tea, in 1915 it won a gold medal at the Panama Tea Expo. At present, Keemun Tea is exported to many countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany, and is loved by local people.

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Yunnan Dianhong Tea

Dianhong tea is also called Yunnan black tea, which is a precious tea in China. The tea tree of Dian Hong grows on the high mountains of Yunnan. The fertile soil, abundant rainfall and sunshine provide favorable conditions for the growth of tea trees. Therefore, the quality of the tea produced here is very good. After brewing, the tea liquid color is golden and bright. The aroma is rich and sweet. If you add some milk or sugar, it will be more delicious. Some people make it as afternoon tea and iced tea.

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Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea

Tanyang Gongfu Tea is one of the three major black teas in Fujian Province. It is also a famous Chinese black tea and famous for its superfine leaves and buds. The dry tea is straight with a blackish color and a hint of aroma. After brewing, the color of the tea water is golden yellow, nd it has a sweet-mellow taste with delicate and long-lasting aroma, which is loved by many Chinese People.

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Ⅲ The Processing Method Of Black Tea

The main processing steps of black tea: Withering - Fermentation - Baking - Re-Baking

Withering: Withering is divided into indoor warming and outdoor sunlight. The main purpose is to make fresh tea lose some moisture and luster, and make the leaf becomes soft.

Fermentation: This is the most important part of tea production. In this process, the polyphenols in the tea undergo oxidation reaction under the action of enzymes, which could make the green tea leaves turn red.

Baking: Place the fermented tea leaves on a shelf and bake it with pinewood to lose moisture. When it becomes dry, it can also add a unique pine flavor to the tea.

Re-Baking: Tea is a substance that absorbs water very easily. Re-baking removes most of the water from the tea.

Ⅳ The Brewing Method Of Black Tea

The brewing method of black tea is very simple, and we can easily make a delicious tea. The following is a common method of brewing loose leaf black tea.

Tea Set: A good teaset is very important, it can largely determine the taste of tea. The best teaware for brewing black tea is Chinese Gongfu Tea Sets.

Water: The taste of the tea brewed with different waters is different. Generally speaking, the tea brewed with spring water is the best. Do not pour the boiled water directly into the black tea. If the water temperature is too high, it will not only reduce the flavor, but also destroy the healthy substances of the black tea.

Tea: A teacup or teapot add 3-5g loose leaf black tea. If add too little, the taste and aroma will be too light; if add to much, the taste will be very strong, even become bitter. You could add the tea according to your preference.

Brewing Time: The brewing time of tea is an important factor affecting the taste of tea. Generally, the taste and aroma of tea can be released after 1-2 minutes of brewing. If the brewing time is too long, the tea are likely to lose their original flavor and become bitter.

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Ⅴ The Selection Skills Of Black Tea

According to the quality of the black tea, it can be divided into three types: high quality tea, defective tea and poor quality. Among all the teas, the quality and taste of the high quality tea is the best. How can I buy good black tea? Here are some tips for selecting black tea:

1> Picking The Brand: Most of the teas that consumers buy in the market are teas that the manufacturers have already prepared for good taste, not pure black tea. is Chinese largest tea supplier, guaranteeing the high quality of tea.

2> Validity Period: When buying black tea, you need to pay attention to the date of production and the expiration of the tea, so as not to buy expired black tea.

3> Choose The Packaging Method: We can see that the packaging types are mostly tea bags or iron cans. If you want to drink tea of the origin or special flavor black tea, you should buy the local tea that package by cans.

4> Understand The Production Area: no matter what kind of tea, the tea produced in different producing areas has different production methods, and the taste is also different.

Ⅵ How To Store Black Tea

Good tea storage method can keep the tea pure and flavor for a long time. The tea after opening should be drinked as soon as possible. Otherwise, the taste and aroma of the tea will be gradually lost. In addition, different teas should not be mixed, so as not to lose the original flavor of the tea.

1> Storage Method Of Iron Cans: Select the iron can with good sealing. Check the tightness of the tea cans before storage and do not leak. When stored, the dried tea leaves are placed in a can and then sealed. This storage method is simple and convenient, but it is not suitable for long-term storage.

2> Thermos Storage Method: Use a thermos bottle with good warmth, put the dry tea in the bottle, minimize the air inside the bottle, then cover it with a cork stopper, seal it with white wax, and finally wrap the bottle with tape. Since the air in the bottle is little and the temperature is stable, so the tea can be store long time by this method.

3> Ceramic Altar Storage Method: use ceramic jar with dry and no smell, wrap the tea with kraft paper, and then seal it.

4> Storage Method Of The Bag: Put the dried tea leaves into a high-quality plastic bag, then squeeze out the air of the bag and finally seal it.

Note: When storing tea leaves, the tea should be placed in a low-temperature, dry, odor-free environment, avoiding direct sunlight.

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Ⅶ The Health Benefits Of Black Tea

Black tea is a very healthy drink. Because it is rich in tea polyphenol antioxidants, and its oxidizing ability is far exceeds that of other teas such as green tea, oolong and white tea. In addition, people also found theaflavins and thearubigins in black tea, which not only increases the unique color and flavor of black tea, but also has many health benefits. In addition, black tea contains a large amount of mineral elements, carbohydrates and a certain amount of caffeine that can be absorbed by the body.

Therefore, drinking black tea regularly has many health benefits to the body, such as: improving human immunity, skin care, delaying aging, relieving stress, providing energy for the body, and losing weight, etc.

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Ⅷ Chinese Famous Black Tea

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