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Author: Green London

  • Review Add on: 15/07/2019
  • Average Rating: (5)

I really enjoyed this tea and often drink it at my leisure time or after work.

Author: Maurice Joyce

  • Review Add on: 11/07/2019
  • Average Rating: (5)

I drink Liu An Gua Pian daily, and it refreshes me every time when I drink it. Love, Love, Love.

Author: Jasper Orville

  • Review Add on: 05/07/2019
  • Average Rating: (5)

I fell in love with it since I tried Liu An Gua Pian tea sampler. It is very nice and has balanced scent of green tea with no bitterness. I think there is almost no tea that can be compared with it. The quality is high and could brew many times.

Author: Carl Leif

  • Review Add on: 06/06/2019
  • Average Rating: (5)

Very wonderful tea, it has a soft floral aroma and sweet aftertaste

Author: Jeremy Rupert

  • Review Add on: 05/06/2019
  • Average Rating: (5)

I bought this tea by chance and immediately fell in love with its unique taste. Of course, I really like its clean tea water color and refreshing aroma, which is also the unique flavor of Liu An Gua Pian.

Author: Flower Lena

  • Review Add on: 25/04/2019
  • Average Rating: (5)

Liu An Gua Pian is one of my favorite green teas, it has a strong aroma. It tastes very light at the first infusion. but the second infusion its color is deeper and the aroma is richer, I also found that it is slightly bitter. I had 4th and 5th infusion.

Author: Kipling Scott

  • Review Add on: 21/03/2019
  • Average Rating: (5)

This is a good cup of tea, fresh aroma with a slight mineral taste, but no other special, nor any amazing quality, the aftertaste is difficult to notice.

Author: Judson Stanley

  • Review Add on: 09/01/2019
  • Average Rating: (5)

This is not a regular green tea, but a nice tea, the taste is very clean, refreshing and mellow.

Author: Hobbes Miles

  • Review Add on: 08/01/2019
  • Average Rating: (5)

Green tea is my favorite tea, this is the first time that I try Liu An Gua Pian, it is very tasty and balanced, I am very enjoy and love it.

Author: Sapir Norman

  • Review Add on: 27/07/2018
  • Average Rating: (5)

I did not find out how special this tea is, but it is still a very good choice within this price range.

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