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Bai Mu Dan

Bai Mu Dan
Bai Mu Dan
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Tea Type: White Tea, Loose Leaf Origion: Fujian Province, China
Ingredient: Tea Polyphenol, Caffeine Food Specifications: Organic, SGS
Production Date: 2018.01.01 Durability Period: 24 Months
Health Benefits Of White Tea More About Bai Mu Dan

We are the best Chinese tea supplier and wholesaler, all teas are grown in a pure natural environment without using any chemical fertilizers and pesticides to ensure 100% health and safety of tea, and are fully compliant with EU standards. We provide the best service and best price. Deliver to all over the world.

Bai Mu Dan Knowledge

Bai Mu Dan Tea is a kind of white tea, mainly produced in Fujian, China, and it is also known as Bai Mudan. The Tea is picked in the early spring of each year, using only two leaves and buds, and the fresh leaves naturally wither in the sun, then carefully processed and dried. About Bai Mu Dan, its fermentation is very low and retains most of the nutrients and the most original flavor. After brewing, the tea liquid is clean and golden yellow and has mellow-soft taste with mild-delicate aroma, which is very pleasant and enjoyable. In addition, since white tea is very delicious and has many health benefits, it is loved by more and more people. If you are looking for or planning to try white tea, we highly recommend Bai Mu Dan, it will give you big surprise.

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