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Monkey Picked Tea

Monkey Picked Tea
Monkey Picked Tea
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Tea Type: Oolong Tea, Loose Leaf Origion: China
Ingredient: Tea Polyphenol, Caffeine Food Specifications: Organic, SGS
Production Date: 2019.05.01 Durability Period: 24 Months
Health Benefits Of Oolong Tea How To Brew Oolong Tea

We are the best Chinese tea supplier and wholesaler, all teas are grown in a pure natural environment without using any chemical fertilizers and pesticides to ensure 100% health and safety of tea, and are fully compliant with EU standards. We provide the best service and best price. Deliver to all over the world.

About Monkey Picked Oolong Tea

Monkey Picked tea is one of Chinese famous tea produced in Fujian. it also belongs to oolong tea. About Monkey Picked tea, it has a long history. According to legend, people trained smart monkeys to climb to the tea tree that grow on the top mountain and then picked the fresh tea leaves, then produced tea with these leaves. Due to the unique growing environment of tea trees, the tea made from the tea picked by these monkeys has a very high quality. Since oolong tea is semi-fermented, it has some characteristics of green and black tea. When brewing, the tea has a mellow and smooth taste with long-lasting rich aroma. Besides, it also contains a large number of healthy beneficial substances, such as tea polyphenols, a certain amount of caffeine, a variety of mineral elements. Therefore, regular drinking oolong has many benefits to the health. Scientific research has found that oolong tea helps to delay aging and improve human immunity. Shop for premium Monkey Picked oolong tea online, and enjoy a delicious cup of hot tea.

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